Industrial Coatings and Thermal Spray (view all)

Industrial coatings by Reneuxit are your go-to industrial surface enhancement. Since 1971, Reneuxit has been offering knowledgeable solutions for all your industrial coating and machining needs. From sandblasting to painting, machining to thermal spray, we stand behind the quality of our work.

Abradable Industrial Coatings

Abradable industrial coatings are used in gas turbine engines for clearance control.

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Carbide Coating

Carbide coatings are extremely hard industrial coating materials that offer outstanding adhesion and wear resistance.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are most commonly applied for dielectric strength, sliding wear, thermal barriers, and corrosion protection.

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Metal & Metal Alloy Coating

Metal and metal alloy coatings can be used as bond coatings for other industrial coatings.

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Machining by Renuexit


We have machining capabilities up to a 42” swing with a 17’ center.

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Grinding by Renuexit


Grinding can be done on outside diameters up to 31” with an 18’ center.

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Thermal Spray by Reneuxit

Thermal Spray and Welding

We can improve corrosion, wear, cavitation, fretting, abrasion, oxidation, and dielectric surface properties with our thermal spray and welding capabilities.

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A Vendor to Count On

I personally have been dealing with Reneuxit, LLC for 18 years and we as a company have come to appreciate everything they bring to the table.  Honesty, product knowledge, dependability and quality work; these are the qualities that we are all looking for in a vendor and you will find them at Reneuxit.

It starts with the quotation, you are given a realistic delivery date, that is met with consistency, not an unrealistic hope that keeps moving further out.

If you have an emergency, they can make adjustments to meet your needs.  They have never let us down.  Case in point; we had a shaft that needed some work and we had scheduled a three day turn around with Denny.  We were a day late getting it to them, but they were able to complete the job on the original day promised.

The quality of work is second to none.  I cannot remember the last time we received a part back from Reneuxit that did not meet our requirements.

The bottom line is that when it comes to fit restoration, hard coatings and any other special requirements, there is only one company we rely on, Reneuxit, LLC.