There are several coating process options available from Reneuxit. Each add unique properties and characteristics to the materials being coated. From HVOF to Plasma Thermal Spray, we can help protect and improve your machine components and more with high quality thermal spray. Since 1971, Reneuxit has been helping businesses just like yours with quality thermal spray and industrial coatings.

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coatings (HVOF)

  • HVOF is a high velocity, low-temperature coating process used for the production of metallic and hard facing coatings.
  • This process uses high impact energy to produce dense coatings at relatively low temperatures.
  • Fuel and oxygen are pressed into a combustion chamber in a continuous flow. This produces a jet of combustion products at extremely high speed. Powder particles injected into this gas steam are accelerated to a very high velocity. Fusion is obtained by the kinetic impact of the coating particles rather than by their increased temperature.
  • The process is carried out in an ambient atmosphere.
  • HVOF is widely used for the production of high-quality, wear-resistant coatings of carbides and stellites such as Tungsten Carbide, Ultimate, and Aluminum Bronze.

Twin Arc Spray Coating Process

  • In Twin Arc spray, two wires are fed simultaneously through the gun. They meet at an angle as the exit the tip of the spray gun. The wires are insulated from each other. At the point where the wires exist from the gun one wire is positively charged and the other wire gets negatively charged. This charging method cause them to throw a molten arc between the two ends. Behind this point, high velocity air or inert gas, is injected in to the gun. This atomizes the molten arc and propels the atomized particles onto the substrate.
  • The temperature of the arc is controllable to a maximum of approximately 10,000° Fahrenheit. With this equipment, we can spray any type of metals which have melting points below 10,000° Fahrenheit.
  • This process is most commonly used with Stainless Steel and Nickel Aluminum.

Plasma Thermal Spray

  • Plasma Thermal spray is a coating process wherein a High Intensity Arc is thrown across an Electrode and Anode. At the same time, a mixture of gases is introduced causing the gases to ionize. This creates ultra high temperatures of up to 50,000° F. The gases used may include Nitrogen & Hydrogen, or Argon & Hydrogen, or Helium.
  • Metals, Ceramics, or Cermets in powder form are injected into the stream of hot gases. They are instantly brought to their molten state. Under high velocity, these molten materials are propelled onto a substrate. This causes a high integrity coating with excellent bonding properties.
  • We often used Aluminum Polyester, Aluminum Silicon, and Iron Nickel Aluminum for this process.

Check out the results of using these processes on projects just like yours. Visit the Before and After Gallery. The learn more about Thermal Spray and Thermal Coatings, visit Wikipedia.

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